Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hi, it's me

Hey all,
hatti matim tim is my favourite nursery rhyme
that's why i named my blog after this.

Hatti Matim Tim
Ami mathe pari dim
Though I have no khara shing
But I believe I'm the hatti matim tim.

Can anyone please tell me who wrote this?

Many non-bengali speakers asked me what my blog name means.
One guy guessed "Amy ditched Mathew for a dime"(OMG!)
Hatti matim tim is a 4-line Bengali nursery rhyme. Hatti matim tim is an imaginary animal in Bengali folklore, kind of like Unicorn. It has two straight horns and lays eggs in open field. "Ami mathe pari dim" means "I lay eggs in open field." In Bengali, "laying eggs in a field" means "doing nothing" or "wasting time."
So my blog name means "I am an imaginary animal and this blog is one place where I waste most of my time."


Rajputro said...

Sadia afroz wrote this :P

Shaon said...

Yap...I am agreed with Shafi!

It's re-written by Sadia Afroz! It's something like the kinda remix of the original peom!But i really enjoyed the remix one!

AuditiO Addabaaz said...

haha!!! mojar kobita!!

Beanster said...

Originally stumbled on your blog thru a java thread. But found out, you are not a typical boring techie.

Please be mindful that there are non bengla people visiting your wonderful blog. Provide a translation of your catch phrase in English (at least) for those non-polyglots. To me it sounded like bunch of names ( Tim, Tim's mom, Amy ditched Mathew for a dime.). But I am sure it is much more..

Also a translation of Shoundari.

Keep up the good work.

sheetal said...

hi beanster, thank you for your comment. reason i didn't provide english version of bengali phrases is i don't know their english :D

ok, lets try :D.

about blog name - its a popular nursery rhyme in bengali which has absolutely no meaning :D.

literally it goes something like "hatti matim tim" is an imaginary animal who has straight horns and lays egg in the middle of a field.

metaphorically (i think) it means i'm a strange person and i waste time in doing nothing. :D

about shundari:

shundari means beautiful lady. sheetal shundari means "sheetal- the beautiful lady". reason for this name is i was and still am the ugly duckling in the family :P.

sammie said...

alpana banerjee wrote the song ;)

sammie said...

alpana banerjee wrote it