Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Professor of Happiness

Offffffffffff ........for me starting something is the most ,what to say , dilemmatic,problematic, hair-tearing situation. Once i start it ,i can finish ... but before starting ,offfffffff ,i spend hours in absolute zombie state ,thinking and ruminating and thinking over.
Is that happen to everyone or just me?

Ok , today's story was about book dedication. its the first thing i read in any book. & its the only thing i consider when i buy a book of any unknown writer. So now here is a sweet dedication that i bumped into -

Our 6 year old son David felt mighty big when he was graduated from Kindergarten. I asked him what he plans to be when he finished growing up. David looked at me intently for a moment and then answered,” Dad , I want to be a professor.”

“A Professor? A professor of what ?” I asked .
“ Well, Dad,” he replied,” I think I want to be a Professor of Happiness.”

A Professor of Happiness ! That’s a pretty wonderful ambition , don’t you think?

To David , then a fine boy with a grand goal , and to his mother , this book is dedicated.


Munaz said...

nice Dedication.. but wat's your dedication to write a Blog - SHeetal? :D

Rajputro said...

It doesn't happen to me. :P But it did happen at the early beginning. :P
What I do is whenever something comes to my mind that would be bloggable I write the key point down in one or two words in a sticky.

Later when I see the keywords I start writing. :P

And about dedication, My mom has this habbit too. She doesn't read many books now a days. But she always read the dedication part.
I like them too but only when I start to read a book I start with the dedication ( I had to because it comes before the story) And if I like the book then I read about the author. :P

David re allah bachay rakhuk.

Kingbodonti said...

wow..darun dedication... :)

kichu sekhar ache..:P

savannaview said...

nice dedication:)

Munaz said...

tomar update nai keno?
Hang korse? :)

AuditiO Addabaaz said...

Professor of Happiness! profession ta darun! amar ammijaan ato creative hole bhaloi hoito... tini abar doctor ar engineer chara kichu chinen na :P

Serial Killer said...

haha...apu nice thingie. I always like this dedicated thingie. Like dedicated badwidth to dedicated lover... everything dedicated..

any way nice blog and this is my fist visit to you...

btw..I am Jyotirmoy Banik...eee 03 ..ORKUT :p

Jyotirmoy Banik said...

ohh.. i ve heard abt it. i vent seen any..but I think i have to ;)

sheetal said...

audity ....... amar ammao doctor ,engr chara kichu bujhe na:P......

& munaz bhaia..... i'll dedicate my whole life & all its works to my family - who gave me this life :D

shafi..... ami tomar technique apply korbo next time inshallah ....

khaled,moon , banik and all others ...... thaaaaaanks to u all for visiting my boring blog :P