Thursday, November 23, 2006

The butterfly effect.

For the last couple of days, I kept telling almost everyone the story of butterfly effect at almost aaaaaany context that may (or may not) had had slightest similarity with the movie in one way or another. At last it occurred to me ,why not I write it in my blog ?... so ,here I am :P.

The movie starts with the appearing of a text message about chaos theory ,that goes somehow like “ something as tiny as butterfly's wings might create a tornado.”

What i learned from wikipedia is ,the phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or, for that matter, prevent a tornado from appearing). The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

Once upon a time (in 2004), there was a boy (our hero ) who one day came to know that his father & grandfather were mad (literally) and had spent most of their life time in mental hospital. & he also used to have some “black-out”s -some moments about which he has no memory. And he did weird things like drawing dreadful pictures ,trying to stab someone in those moments. His worried mom took him to a psychiatrist who advised him to write diary so that he could later remember things happened in that black-out period.

Ok ,after that many things happened ,so I should leave that lowdowns to the potential viewers :P . They (mom & son) moved to big city . He grew up as a very talented person (Ashton Kutcher) who got A in all subjects without even touching books ( don’t ask me how :P),just like his father.

One day while reading his past journals , Ashton found out that he could , physically , go back to past by reading his journal entries of those black-out periods. & not only that he could feel any wound that had happened that time.

Bewildered Ashton searched for his childhood girlfriend to make sure that what he saw was not mere dreaming . He found her as an exhausted depressed waitress who had lost all interest about life because of her freak father who used her in his children porn movies. She committed suicide the next day . That stroke Ashton & he decided to change past to make a better future for that girl.& the real thrill begins from here J

Every time he changed something in past ,that made a huge change in future ,that’s why movie called “the butterfly effect “ , but every future had a biiiiiiig flaw. So to delete that flaw he had to change something else from past & thus create another future with another big flaw .

At last he realized that no matter what you do ,life can never be perfect in all respect.

If u r still reading and haven’t get too bored with my prattling (hence with the movie) ,visit its official site.


Kallol said...

movie ta jotil monehochche ...dekhte hobe . but tumi je ei movie er eto advertisement korteso eita janle producer tomake taka poisa dite pare ...hehehehehhe :P

Jyotirmoy Banik said...

apu , ai movie tar nam to shunsi . part 2 o ber hoise dekhlam. dekha hoynai still.

thanx for your info.

apni ki morgan freeman er seven dekhsen ?

savannaview said...

ekhono dekhini movieta..dekhte hobe

Mohammed Tanvir Chowdhury said...

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all the best

Tahmid Munaz said...

must be a good interesting movie. Btw thanks to Sheetal for giving a little view of the movie. I must watch this movie asap :p

Liked even the name of the movie. Changing my MSN nick into it ;)

Anonymous said...

onek shundor ekta chobi dekhanor
jonno onek dhonnobaad ar tor jonno
onek ....:P