Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Read bangla newpaper on mac

This firefox extension converts  some Old Bangla Newspaper Website to Unicode 4.2.
You need unicode installed on you machine. Download unicode for mac here
It was for old firefox versions.
To make it run on your new firefox, you can download the xpi file------>rename it to zip ----> unzip it ----> change maxVersion attribute in the install.rdf file to 3.* ----> then again zip it ----> rename to xpi.


just download and install this 


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Rajputro said...

Tumi jodi embedded font ta install koro local pc te, tahole ar extension lagbena.

sheetal said...

haa, amar windows tay embeded ta install korlei hoy but mac e install korar por o paper er likha gula pora jacchilo na.