Saturday, March 13, 2010


i've been listening to this song for 4 days now, wonderful song!!
Its about Vincent Van Gogh and the words "starry starry night" refers to his painting the starry night
here is the original version with van gogh's paintings


Mahmud faisal said...

Just gone through the video song...
This Van Gogh had cut his ear for his girlfriend, isn't?? :P

sheetal said...

van gogh bhoyaboho mental patient chilo jetake bipolar disorder bole. ei type er mental rogider hothat khub raag hoy abar hothat shanto hoye jay. ar jokhon raag hoy tokhon nijer/onno manusher ga-pa kata ei type patient der normal behavior.

jokhon kan katchilo tokhon she naki arekta artist paul gaughin (beta chele) er shathe thakto. oi beta van gogh ke fele chole jabe ei raage she nijer kaan katchilo.

Sunny said...

Sheetal this is one of my favorite songs... But I listened to the one by Julio Iglesias b4. this one is also good :)