Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Awesome documentary: My architect

                 Louis Kahn

Its not everyday that I get to watch a documentary like this. To me, "documentary" has a synonym - Boring. So I tend to avoid documentaries as much I can. But this documentary made me captivated and changed my view on documentaries!

Its about Architect Louis Kahn's life, made by his son Nathaniel Kahn, who was 11 when Louis died at the New York Penn station. He had such an unusual life! I think EVERY person has an unusual life; different and unique life than everyone else. It's sad that we get to know only a few lives. There should be a rule that everyone has to make a movie about his/her life, so that other people can see and appreciate the extraordinary experiences and phenomenal circumstances that he/she might have witnessed.

Anyway, as long as I'm not the one making rules of life and there isn't one movie per person, at least watch the ones that are already here.

This is the ending of the movie in Bangladesh featuring Louis's biggest work Jatiyo Shonshod Bhaban
and TEDTalk by Nathaniel

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mahmud faisal said...

I just loved you this blog post Apu! :) A wonderful message inside! I believe you have already sensed that I am not talking about the 'documentary' thing, rather I wish to say about the "Life" philosophy of you...

Really EVERYBODY has a unique life, different from others...

I respect this Architect people, Louis Kahn, the architect of our parliament :)