Sunday, December 12, 2010

Security research is making me skeptical and paranoid about everything. Is that a good thing or bad?

[Update] Yes, I do think it is a good thing because it makes me question about the security concerns of the seemingly innocuous choices we make everyday, like giving my email address to win an ipad or installing a browser extension "for a cause" that would donate for every tab I open and also will track my browsing behavior for targeted advertisements (which they do anyway though) or giving an "anonymous" handwritten review which is "obviously" anonymous just because it doesn't have my name on it! There is this fine line between being paranoid and being precautious, of which I am kind of aware of but do not understand, yet, where the line lies.


mahmud faisal said...

This is good.
You are experiencing a new level of feelings in your life... You never know how was the feelings of being such skeptical and paranoid on everything...

You have been kinda rude in these days. is it for the same reason sis?

sheetal said...

This note is purely about my research but also about how it is changing my perspective on things. I was trying to remember what exactly I did that was rude. But failed to do so. I guess I was always rude, you are just realizing it now :).