Thursday, June 07, 2012


My religious friends, who are very concerned about what a woman should wear as if that is the biggest problem that the world needs to solve, share posts where men are saying how making women stay at home would restore peace in the world.

These guys, they talk as if a woman belongs to another species. Things do not affect a woman the same way they affect them. Women do not feel warm wearing hijab in 100 degrees. Women are not supposed to love to do something else other than raising a family or being dependent on a man. And women are not intelligent enough to decide what to do with their life or what to wear. Taking care of family or raising a kid or thinking about balancing work and home are female problem, not human problem.

They say women are given "choices." "Good" women "choose" to cover herself and "choose" to stay home and "choose" not to be ambitious. Choice is a really interesting word.

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Tareq Alam said...

yeah, people are basically hypocrites and stupid. They treat half the population of the world as useless weak creatures only existing to make others life better. It is a messed up world where a girl is bad just because she likes to wear what she's comfortable in but it is ok for a man to wear whatever he wants.