Saturday, December 16, 2006

Garden of paradise

well , its our garden :P ,& u may not want to call it a garden though :) .... yesterday i bought some winter flowering plants (marigold , some dahlias) .... and in one of our rose plants this awesome rose bloomed . They all looked so gorgeous and captivating that they literally turned our balcony into the garden of paradise .

& i never knew that i could snap such photos :| .


Anonymous said...


An angel whispered
in my reverie...
"wake up wake up ...lets go to paradise.."
he led me towards paradise,
i was overwhelmed wiht all the heavenly things
while i was following him.
Something stopped me suddenly on my path .
He giggles and told me this is
"Garden of paradise" , a sweet
girl dreamt of it and its a replication ...."
Its a b e a u tiful garden,but i think something makes it ADHURA(incomplete):).

-- alimur

Jyotirmoy Banik said...

apu !

apni bagan koren !

onek akam koira beran dekha jaitese , porashuna o prem er pasha pashi :D

whtever , ai 1 number comment ta ke korse ? ;)

savannaview said...

nice bagan apu:D

Munaz said...

:) Onek din por ei comment kortesi..
Tomar Golap phool er chobir shathe koi koi jani tomar cheharar onek meel ase..

May be tomra 2 ta apon bon :p .. Khek Khek

gr8 photo shots :) Keep up the gr8 works cutie :) Bhalo thakish Nani :)

Tonushree said...

nice flowers dear!

Arshad said...

Nice pictures... what camera do you use?

sheetal said...

thank u sir :) ...i've used canon powershot A420 with scn mode

Arshad said...

canon is a great camera. i have a canon myself - a canon powershot S2 IS, see some of the pictures i have taken of jolly's garden in my facebook album. captures the colors very brightly.