Saturday, August 26, 2006

buy bangla books online

hello everyone .... bangla books r now available online.Boi-mela is an online bangla book store where more than 5000 books are available over 35 publishers.

They accept all major credit cards.Books are shipped worldwide but shipping method is International Parcel Service of Bangladesh Post Office as its the cheapest among all available options.The shipping cost is determined based on the destination country and total weight including a fixed processing and handling fee on each order (though i think its a bit high,about 250/-).

& the most interesting fact is there are so many books that u've already if u write review / synopsis / story of 50 books ,u'll get a free book (atleast it's said :P).


Jyotirmoy Banik said...

are last er plan ta to joss.... kisu likhe poisha dibe :D

btw... joto jai bolen..still oi aziz super market e jaya ghuira ghuira boi kinar mojai alada..

sheetal said...

hehe .....ei bapare (aziz super market) amioo tomar shathe ekmot .

shafi kamal said...

Unless you are making having few facilities its really tough to have online trading(kenabecha..)

We few years back started doing that one of our client had wishes to make a trading portal regarding his business..that was about all kind of harbel products. however, finally it was just a website regarding his products. also few people send order and came across his shop to collect products..

However that is really appriciable..

As we are providing webspaces by your virtual earnings.. that can be found at our forum..

Dim Pari said...

online'e bangla book khujte giye pelam "she walks in beauty". oshadharon gaan. ei gaan etodin shuni ni bole afsos hochhe :(

groups. pe/group/ said...

SheetalSundori i love you....