Saturday, August 26, 2006

Eyeing the eyes

For the last few days, I’ve been trying to write this story but never find that MOOD to finish & publish it.

It's about a birthday gift from my brother .

If you are the youngest one in the family, you must have the similar story about how everyone else in the family keep treating you as a drooling baby and sometimes even you forget actually how old you are. That's exactly the case with me. I think even in my 50th birthday my mom ( if alive) will still keep fussing about my street-crossing ability (actually I haven’t able to learn that one yet ,:$ .... but, heeeeeee, I can do other things to prove myself adult, huh)

Ok, enough history for today.

My brother's gift was a book, named “Body language” (:P), a footnote on the cover says “know the nature of a person by his expression". My brother chose this because, according to him, I’m still too naïve to see through one’s appearance.

The book is quite an intriguing one, with lots of eye-catching sketches of eyes & lips and other visible body parts, including, of course, what message that part conveys about you.

Today is the “eye –day", lets eye those eyes.

1. if you have this type of eye, you must be
a. very practical,
b. will acquire success in business or politics.
c. You are incredible in love & other intimate relations as you don’t treat others as a good businessman but as a lover :-)

2. You are an artist who is also sincere and credible ( but not in love I guess :-P).

3. if you are a male with this type of eyes, then you are incessantly getting darted by aphrodite’s son (he he :) ) (don’t even dare to give me a black eye, its what the book says ).

But if you are a female …..there is hope :) ….u MAY prove urself as a good life-partner.

4. People having smaller eye-balls than the contour are found to be proudy and wicked .They will do all that caused pain to others.

& i just can't help uploading this pic ....these are shaila's eyes.
those who don't know shaila ,she is my classmate & an almost saint like person (& according to my mom ,a perfect example of a good girl),or i s s h e ?(suspicious music is badly needed here)

5. you are experienced and highly ambitious and u’ll have a life full of true experiences if you are not so yet.

6.women with this eye are chaste but jealous …….but men with this type of eyes are honest ,genuine ,industrious.

7. you are money minded …… you could do everything for money.

8. you favour changes all the time …….anxious, so can’t concentrate on a single topic ……and loooove all the objects of this world except your life partner….[:|]( I was about to say that these are my eyes, but now, you see ...this book has made me reconsider many facts :P)

9.( ahhhhhhh my fingers are making crackling sound ..)...if you are prone to see everything this way, you are the cleverest and apply all possible tricks to solve any issue.

10. you are irrationally emotional.

at last .....about my eyes.....they are really too small to consider ......


Munaz said...

Nice post.. then what about my Eye??

Hope to hear few comments on my Eye.. :p

Rajputro said...

I also thought number 3 and number 8 matched with yours :P
Lekin shailar to pura perfect match :D

Amar chokkhu konta?? (A)

sheetal said...

shafi...... amar mote 5 number tar shathe tomar chokher mill ache( atleast amar kache tomar ekta pic theke chokh kete tai mone hoiche :P).

munaz bhaia.......apner side chokkhu dekhe ami kichu bujhtechina........ apne matha shoja rekhe chokkur pic tule ekta :P

Munaz said...

Man!! 5 number chara shobi to meyeder chokh mone hoy.. jai hok.. :p

Anonymous said...

I thought number 10 matched with ur eyes n also 9 (a little bit) One thing that caught my eyes was the fact that most of the pics didn't show the nose x-( very annoying... then i saw ur picture n there's no nose either :(

btw, is this shaia the one with a twin sister?

Anonymous said...

that comment was frm Audity :P

savannaview said...

amar chokkhu konotar sathei to milchhe na..ami dekhi out of syllabus:'(

Audity nose dekhar eto sokh keno?:o

sheetal said...

audity moni....... je shaila has a twin sister (& they look completely different :( .... ) boi tate nose er alada pic ache :D..... oita na hoy next pl e dibo :P.

munaz bhai..... pic guli oti exaggerated & onek close view ..... eyeliner & maskara lagay ekta pic tulle apner chokh oo ektu shundor (& meyeder moto) lagbe :P

moon moni........ chobigular moto pose diye nijer chokher 10 ta pic tulen .......then match koren:P

Munaz said...

oi Fazil??
amare Eyeliner dite hobe na..

tomare ami paia loi! oi Shafi?? aso?? eta dhoira ano to... ekta accha Treatment dite hobe.. amar bole Eye shape kharap.. koto boro shahosh! bole ki ei Pagli ta??

Dhor Dhor!! :p

Russell said...

Very interesting!