Wednesday, August 30, 2006

check ur reaction

check ur reaction here

all u have to do is to dart the fleeing sheeps among a flock & ur reaction will be calculated according to how fast u can dart them.
& then u'll be rated as any of the 5 category- a (forgot the adjective) chitah,rocketing rabbit,bobbing bobcat,ambling armadillo and sluggish snail.

i was the bobbing bobcat ...:)


Rajputro said...

amio bobbing bobcat. Lekin ei bobbing bobcat jinishta ki? :-s

0.2468seconds amar average reaction time :P

sheetal said...

ami ja bujhlam ta holo ..... bobcat(on e type of american cat) er moto fast apner reaction [:P]

amar bhai rocketing rabbit hoiche[:'(]....

Munaz said...

i got Bobbing BobCat.. for 0.2618 secods..


Here you can see the meaning of Bobbin then BobCat

Sheetal?? tumi amader Bilai banay fella?? :(

Anonymous said...

Don't u guys complain x-( i am sluggish snail :'( i tried 2ice n each time i was penalized for reaching the gun early... grrrr

savannaview said...

ami duibar sluggish snail :'(
tritiobar try korar pore rocketing rabbit:P
practice makes a man perfectB-)

Shaon said...

Ami 1st time "sluggish snail" and 2nd time "bobbing bobcat"... :D

Jyotirmoy Banik said...

argh.... ami 2 bar try korlam 2 bar e sluggish.... 2 bar vul kore shoot er jonno penalty...

ami khela mani na....faul jottoshon :@

Rumon said...

ধুর এর চেয়ে ভাল টেক্‌নিক আসে চেক করবার জন্য। ঃ)